Stackable rings – one is not enough!

Stackable rings are the current trend in the jewellery market- chic and great for layering. The whole idea is to stack the rings on top of each other. You can wear them on every finger! They are meant to be a fun and playful accessory for any day and any occasion. Many of them are embellished with diamonds but you can also find them with colour stones. They can be worn as one per finger or you could wear as many as you want at once! If you are looking for a gift for the upcoming Valentines Day- stackable rings can be a great idea. They can also be a great gift for birthdays and anniversaries- for every occasion, you could buy one more to complete the look!

But how to wear stackable rings? There are really no rules but it is good to keep some things in mind. If you have bands with different width, it is better to start from the widest ring and stack them to the narrowest- towards your nail. This technique will make your fingers look slimmer. If you would like to wear yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold together- you definitely could- but if you decide to wear the same colour of gold, you will be able to wear more rings on the same finger and they will still look great!

The rings in the pictures below were accessed by us at Independent Jewellers. The prices of them range from $199 and up, depending on the diamond’s carat weight and karat gold.