Valentines Day- does it matter?

It is the season to celebrate love! Your love for your partner, for your children, siblings, your dog etc. Is Valentines Day really that important though? Or is it just another opportunity for businesses to force you to contribute to their success? What do you think?

We all know that the concept of Valentines day is built by TV ads and through social media platforms that create an image of an ideal day,  ideal gift, and an ideal relationship between people. What if our Valentines day is not that fancy, and our relationship is not as great- not as romantic as on the screen?  Will you be disappointed or will it not matter because the feeling of love, for you, is unique, and any way to celebrate it will be the best? I prefer the second option! I love to celebrate any and all occasions in a relationship, and Valentines day is just another way to show our loved ones that we appreciate them in our lives. But in my relationship, I don’t won’t to build any pressure to buy or book anything, to be satisfied with the day.  If you are single, don’t be sad on Valentine’s! Remember that some of your married friends are jealous of your freedom 🙂 

I like Valentines day, but not as much as anniversaries. Yes, I would love to get something on that day, but I don’t have any expectations. I would be happy having a homemade pizza to talk around or getting a handmade card. So I hope that your 14th of February will be a great day not because it is Valentines Day, but because “every day has a potential to be the greatest day of your life!” Stay tuned 🙂

Below I have placed some pictures of hearts of gold 🙂 as a symbol of love! But remember, don’t buy anything only because you have to buy something! Buy a gift only if you feel that this is a way with which you would like to show your love to the special person in your life! 

Disclosure: not an advertisement. Pictures taken at Independent Jewellers.