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Valentines Day- does it matter?

It is the season to celebrate love! Your love for your partner, for your children, siblings, your dog etc. Is Valentines Day really that important though? Or is it just another opportunity for businesses to force you to contribute to their success? What do you think? We all know that the concept of Valentines day […]

New Year Resolutions!

How was your 2018? Did you use every moment to the fullest or did the days just go by in a flash? Did you work hard or did you do your best to make your loved ones happy, but your best just wasn’t enough? Were you limited in your everyday actions by the fear of […]

Last minute gift idea!

One more day and Santa is coming to town… If you don’t have a gift for your loved one a watch is always a great idea! But how to pick the right one? First of all, in my opinion, it no longer matters if the watch was designed for men or women. Right now watches […]

Charm of the tulle skirt

I am very lucky to have 2 daughters. They continuously keep me up to date on the latest beauty and fashion trends. We love shopping together, for example, approximately a week ago we found this remarkable black skirt online. I think that it looks great with a delicate shirt as a more elegant outfit for […]

Timeless pencil skirt

I’m sharing with you my style and my vision of life which I hope you will find common with me. I have started a new journey, committing to leaving my ‘comfort zone’ and discovering the best version of myself. This is where outfits come in place as there are aspects of our daily life managing […]