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Garnet gemstone, is it powerful?

Garnet- January powerful gemstone

a beautiful Garnet – January Birthstone.

Precious and decorative stones (minerals, rocks and organic substances – created naturally, without human participation) have been known to man since the dawn of time. Initially, they were used for ritual, healing and decorative purposes, symbolizing strength, power and wealth. They were worn as talismans, valued for their healing properties and believed to have magical properties. The values ​​attributed to gemstones are primarily due to their beauty, rarity, colour and the impression they evoke. 

Garnet is way more exciting than people may think. The name ‘garnet’ comes from the Latin name for pomegranate, malum granatum, because it reminds of the pomegranate seeds. Beads of garnet have been appearing in jewellery for the last 500 years. Garnet is a hard-wearing and durable gemstone, suitable for most types of jewellery. 

Is Garnet a birthstone? Garnet is a birthstone for January and a traditional gem given on a second anniversary. 

Garnet and the Zodiac Signs

Reflecting its long-time association with January, Garnet is the gemstone for Aquarius.
It absorbs negative energy and harmonizes the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Many believe garnet is a driving stone for people who find it, especially during a difficult change in life, for fear of the unknown. For people unsatisfied with their lives, the energy of garnet allows them to overcome fear and change their predicament. 

Garnet belongs to high-vibration crystals, assisting one in assimilating into a higher level of growth and structural balance. It is a perfect stone for those who want to pursue their dreams but need extra support or a reminder in the form of jewellery with this beautiful gemstone. Garnet has many attributes that can bring wealth. In unconventional medicine, people believe that garnet: regulates blood pressure, helps in diseases of the kidneys and bladder, helps with inflammation of the joins and chronic freezingstrengthen the effectiveness of the treatment of hormonal problems, as well as leukemia and allergies. Garnet is also renowned for stimulating healthy sexuality in both men and women.

What Jewellery with Garnet looks the best?

Garnet is common in pendants, earrings, and birthstone ring collections, but you can also see it in engagement rings with rich red colour as a symbol of love.

How does garnet compare to other gemstones in terms of durability and longevity, making it a suitable choice for jewellery?

Garnet is considered to be a highly durable and long-lasting gemstone, making it a suitable choice for jewelry. In terms of durability, garnet has a hardness rating of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, which measures a gemstone’s resistance to scratches and abrasions. This puts it in the same range as other popular gemstones like amethyst, citrine, and topaz.

While garnet is not as hard as gemstones like diamond or sapphire, it is still quite resistant to everyday wear and tear. It can withstand the rigors of daily use without significant damage, making it a suitable stone for jewelry that is meant to be worn regularly.

Garnet is also relatively resistant to chemical exposure, which adds to its durability. However, it is recommended to avoid exposing garnet to harsh chemicals or prolonged exposure to sunlight, as these factors can affect its color and overall appearance over time.

In terms of longevity, garnet can last a lifetime with proper care. Regular cleaning, storing it separately from other jewelry to avoid scratches, and avoiding activities that can potentially damage the stone will help maintain its appearance and durability.

Overall, with its decent hardness, good resistance to everyday wear and tear, and ability to last a long time with proper care, garnet is considered a suitable choice for jewelry.

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